Preview A Child Safe Kit

The Child Safe Kit is a convenient way to record comprehensive information
about your child so authorities can help find your missing child quickly.

The Child Safe Kit

We recommend that you keep the Child Safe Kit in a safe and convenient location that you can access quickly in an emergency.

Important Information at Hand

Record your child's name, address, birthdate, allergies, including any birthmarks or other identifying features that will help authorities identify your child.

Detailed Physical Description

It is important to know exactly where any of your child's birthmarks, scars, or other identifying marks are on their person.

Fingerprint System

With easy to follow instructions, The Child Safe Kit also comes with an inking strip to fingerprint your child which will help officials identify them more quickly.

Recent Photo of Your Child

Keep an up-to-date photo of your child to help officials accurately identify them. Remember to update your child's photo every 6-12 months.